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Auditioning for Miami City Ballet School's
2014-2015 School-Year Program

Miami City Ballet School is considered to be one of the most prestigious ballet training programs in America. The School's renowned faculty, challenging syllabus, and affiliation with Miami City Ballet make it a place where all students, from children to adults, can receive comprehensive training and experience the joys of dance. 

Pre-Professional Division -- Ages 14-18:
Miami City Ballet School's Year-Round Program prepares advanced students for  a career in dance, with a focus on technique, artistry and expanding dance styles and repertoire. More than half of the dancers on Miami City Ballet's current roster started as students in the pre-professional division, and other alumni have gone on to dance at other illustrious  companies. Levels: Pre-Professional I, Pre-Professional II, Men's Program

Students interested in the 2014-2015 Pre-Professional Program may audition until January 2015. Students may auditon by video, in a Community Class, or in an age-appropriate ballet class at any time once classes begin in September 2014. Students must still pay the audition fee. 
Student Division -- Ages 7-18:

In this division, students are introduced to the MCBS syllabus, with an emphasis on strong technique, body alignment and core strength. Levels: I, II, III, IV, V, Advanced, Boy's Dance

Students ages 11-18 may audition by taking a Community Class or an age-appropriate ballet class once school-year classes begin in September. Students must still pay the audition fee. Students in this age range may audition at anytime during the year for admission to the 2013-2014 School-Year Program until April 2014.
Students ages 7-10 may audition in an age-appropriate ballet class to be considered for acceptance into the 2013-2014 School-Year Program until April 2014. Students must still pay the audition fee.
Children's Division -- Ages 3-6:
Introductory classes, prelude to formal dance instruction. Levels: Creative Movement, Ballet Preparatory I, Ballet Preparatory II.

Auditions are not required. Students may enroll at any time up until April 2014.

Check out more classes for tots to teens and adults in our Community Division! No auditions necessary -- just dance, fitness and fun!

Audition Guidelines:

  • Arrive 1/2 hour prior to audition time to register in the school office and warm up.
  • Download your audition form here:
  • Audition Dress:
    • For students with previous ballet training: Girls should wear a leotard and pink tights and ballet shoes. Boys should wear a white shirt, black tights or jazz shorts, and ballet shoes.
    • For students without previous ballet training: Girls should wear a leotard and tights, or bathing suit (no long pants).  Boys should wear a T-shirt and shorts (no long pants). Socks may be worn if you do not have ballet slippers.
  • There is a $30 audition fee.
  • If accepted, all applicants must show official proof of age.
  • As a general rule, resumes, recommendation letters and photographs are not accepted.
  • Observation of auditions is not permitted. 
  • Girls and boys ages 3-6: No audition required.
  • Boys 7-9: No previous experience is necessary.
  • Girls ages 7-18 and boys ages 10-18 are expected to have previous ballet training.
  • Girls ages 11-18 should bring pointe shoes.

Please call MCB School office at 305.929.7007 for information and registration forms.


Video audition requirements for advanced and out-of-town students:

For those students who are unable to attend any audition class due to extenuating circumstances, please submit:

1. Two full-body photos (3"x5" or 4"x6"). For the girls -- one in first arabesque and another in tendu à la seconde a terre, wearing practice clothes and no skirts. For the boys -- one in first arabesque and another in à la seconde en l'air. Please make sure your name, address and phone number are on the photos.

2. An Audition Form and an audition fee of $30.00

3. A DVD or YouTube link with the following:

For Boys and Girls:

I. A short 1-to-3 minute classical variation

II. At the barre, shot in profile:
1. Pliés
2. Tendu & Dégagé
3. Fondu & Développé (front, side, back)
4. Grand Battements

III. In the center (en pointe for advanced female students) facing camera  
1. Adagio combination 
2. Pirouettes (en dehor, en dedan)
3. Two combinations using assemblé, jeté, sissonne, and glissade

IV. Diagonal across the floor:
1. Grand Jeté and tour jeté

For Girls:
1. Echappé combination with passé
2. Fouettés turns (16 if possible)
3. Piqué turns

For Boys:
1. Entrechat Six (16 bars)
2. Single or double tour en l'air
3. Grand pirouettes à la seconde (for advanced boys)
4. Jump combination with échappés, assemblés and jetés and sissonnes (with beats, if possible)

Send to:
Miami City Ballet School
2200 Liberty Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
For more information please call 305.929.7007 or e-mail at


All students are required to complete a registration form once they are accepted to the School; a $75 non-refundable registration fee is also required.

Once registered, please take a moment to read through Miami City Ballet School's Policies and Procedures for the 2014-2015 school year.

Miami City Ballet School students. Photo © Mitchell Zachs/