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Welcome to Miami City Ballet School’s NEW Community Division, created for you!
Dance, fitness, and fun!
Our NEW Community Division offers classes for everyone – from infants to adults, from first-timers to seasoned professionals – in a relaxed and welcoming environment.  Join us for ongoing drop-in classes, workshops, and full-term programs.
We invite you to come and experience Miami City Ballet School in a whole new way. 
See you in class!

Check out our summer workshops and special classes!
Ballet 101
Broadway Jazz
Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®
Youth Ballet -- Coming soon!
Mommy & Me Zumbini -- Coming soon!

(Current classes for ages 14+)

Ballet    Int/Adv    6:45-8:15 pm*    taught by Kris Kramer
*July 7-21 class time will be 7:15-8:45 pm

Ballet    Int/Adv    10:00-11:30 am    taught by Kris Kramer
Ballet    Beginner    6:45-8:15 pm    taught by Kris
Check out our Ballet 101 Workshop in July

Floor-Barre®    All levels    5:30-6:30 pm    taught by Julie Pappas Smith
*NOTE: No class on July 30

Broadway Jazz    All levels    6:30-8:00 pm    taught by Julie Pappas Smith
*NOTE: No class on July 30
Ballet    Int/Adv    6:45-8:15 pm*    taught by Kris
July 9-23 class time will be 7:00-8:30 pm


Ballet    Int/Adv    10:00-11:30 am    taught by Kris Kramer
*NOTE: No class on July 24
Pilates    All levels    5:45-6:45 pm    taught by Emily Ricca
Ballet    Beginner    6:45-8:15 pm    taught by Kris

Ballet    Intermediate    9:00-10:30am    taught by Kris Kramer


Ballet and Broadway Jazz:

Single Class: $20

Yoga, Floor-Barre, & Pilates:

Single Class:$15

Class cards:

10 Classes
25 Classes

MCBS Parent, Dance Professional, and College Student rate*

Single Class:$12
Dance card/10 classes

*Must provide MCBS student name, proof of employment, or valid student ID to receive reduced rate


Ballet 101
Have you always wanted to learn ballet, or regret quitting dance when you were 5?  Or do you just need a refresher course? Here's your chance to learn the basics of ballet technique, get in shape, and have fun in a relaxed and encouraging environment! This 7-class workshop is intended to give first-time dancers the extra attention they need, focusing on proper alignment, learning ballet vocabulary and class structure, and building strength to get them ready for Beginner Ballet.  As each class builds upon the last, it is recommended to attend all 7 classes during the workshop. It's taught by former Miami City Ballet dancer and current Miami City Ballet School teacher, Kris Kramer.  Feeling a little intimidated?  Don't worry, this class was created for people just like you.  Come join us to learn ballet!

Choose from one of the following workshop dates:

July Series: July 8-29, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:45-6:45 pm
September Series: Sept. 2-23, Tuesdays, 6:15-7:00 pm and Thursdays, 5:45-6:45 pm

Cost:  $105. Pre-registration required: call Tainisel at (305) 929-7000, ext. 1303, email, or stop by the lobby boutique! Wondering what to wear?

Get toned for swimsuit season, strengthen your core, and improve your dance technique!  This Pilates class will lighten and lengthen areas of your body that need flexibility and strength, while putting an emphasis on movement ease. Taught by Emily Ricca, a certified Pilates instructor and  a former professional dancer with Ballet de San Juan and Florida Dance Theater, her exercises will enhance your ballet training or daily life practices. Intended for people of all levels.  This Pilates class will make you feel energized and leave you with a smile!

Thursdays, June 26-August 28, 5:45-6:45 pm

Cost: $15/class. Class cards and special rates may be applied. What to wear

Broadway Jazz
Did you ever dream of dancing on Broadway?  Here’s your chance to shake things up, have fun, and get in shape this summer.

Broadway Jazz, a limited 7-class summer offering, will introduce some of the best Broadway styles and techniques from Luigi, Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett and Matt Maddox.

Class begins with a series of warm-ups that will strengthen your core, develop flexibility and prepare you for later class combinations.  Then, get ready to flash those jazz hands with fun across-the-floor dance steps and a special combination in center highlighting a different technique and style each week.

Taught by the light-hearted, welcoming and enthusiastic, Julie Pappas Smith, whose professional career spans the globe with Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, you are in for a treat!  Each class is “One Singular Sensation” – where everyone, from jazz newbies to seasoned Broadway babies, are welcome.

Wednesdays, June 25-August 13, 6:30-8:00 pm; *No class on Wednesday, July 30.

We invite adults and teens 14+ to attend this 7-week summer session. Starting Sept. 2, Broadway Jazz will be offered weekly as a full-term program for our Youth Ballet students (registration required), and as a drop-in class for adults and teens 14+.

Cost: $20/class.  Class cards and special rates may be applied. What to wear

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®
Ummm…..What is Floor-Barre® and why should I take it?

We’re glad you asked!  Floor-Barre®, a limited 7-class offering, is a special, ballet-based technique in which students perform basic ballet movements while lying on the floor guided by verbal instruction.  Floor-Barre® exercises utilize the floor without the pressure of gravity allowing one to refine and lengthen body alignment, correct muscular-skeletal functions and strengthen joints.  This technique has been recommended as a valuable therapeutic resource to rehabilitate or retrain the body to avoid injury or misuse.

If you are someone who is looking to prevent injury, rehabilitate from an injury, take your dance technique to another level, or gain increased body awareness and control, this class is for you. 

Taught by master trainer Julie Pappas Smith, this class is excellent to take prior to any dance class as a warm-up or as a complete workout in and of itself. Julie’s bright and bubbly personality will bring a smile to your face as she enthusiastically guides you through class. No dance experience is necessary.

Wednesdays, June 25-August 13, 5:30-6:30 pm; *No class on Wednesday, July 30.

Cost: $15/class. Class cards and special rates may be applied. What to wear


Youth Ballet
Has your child had a late start in ballet or are they looking to continue their training in a more recreational way?  Join us for our exciting new class – Youth Ballet!

Youth Ballet is intended for students ages 9-13 who are either first-time ballet students or are continuing their training.  This level meets three times a week on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays from September through May and offers the opportunity for students to begin at the most basic level and advance up to an intermediate level.  This new class is unique because it is geared towards each student’s capabilities. Youth Ballet offers a structured environment to learn and improve ballet technique as well as have fun, stay fit, and develop an appreciation for the art of dance
This is a full-term program from September 2, 2014 - May 30, 2015. School uniform is required.
Mondays:  4:45-6:15 pm
Fridays:  4:45-6:15 pm
Saturdays:  12:00-1:30 pm
Yearly Tuition: $2,200.  Non-refundable registration fee: $75.  To register, call Nagia Almeida, School Registrar, at (305) 929-7007, ext. 3, or email
In addition to Youth Ballet, a Broadway-style jazz class is offered right after Youth Ballet on Mondays (September through May). Students are encouraged to sign up for this class as well. Click here for a full description.
Mondays: 6:15-7:30 pm
Yearly tuition: $550


Mommy & Me/Zumbini

What is Zumbini?  Zumbini is a music and movement class for children, 0 to 3 years, to attend with their music-and-Zumba-loving caregiver(s).  Taught by early childhood educator, Class is fun, energetic, and full of contemporary music with world beats.   It is child appropriate, grown-up friendly, and of course, full of the “Zumba” flavor.  Children learn to dance, sing, and move through class using their bodies, rhythmic instruments, and scarves, to enhance the rhythm and feel of the music. 

Families enjoy singing and dancing together in this fun environment, free from performance anxiety, but rich with engaging energy! In this class the parent or caregiver can spend time and bond with their child in a truly fun way that they both enjoy.  

Mondays, September 15-November 24, 9:15-10:00 am.  *NO class October 13.

Cost: $180 per family. Pre-registration required. Email Kris Kramer at




Beginner Ballet: This class is recommended for students who have had some previous ballet training and are further developing their proficiency at beginner and intermediate steps and combinations. Expect to get stronger and work both your mind and body.

Intermediate Ballet: If you are a begginer ballet student who is ready to try a more challenging class, or an advanced student wanting to focus on the basics, such as clean technique and strength training, this is the class for you. Intermediate ballet is aimed at students transitioning between Beginner ballet and Intermediate/Advanced ballet. 

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: This class is designed for students who have practiced ballet for many years.  It is perfect for ballet teachers, current ballet students, adults who have a strong background in ballet or those who need more of a challenge than the Beginner class.  There is a strong emphasis on mastery of technique and musicality.

Jessica Matlin combines many aspects of dance and yoga, with a particular focus on balancing quality of the breath and its effect on both mind and body. Her Vinyasa Flow class develops postural strength and alignment, while giving vitality and an uplifting message. In class she uses her knowledge and keen eye to adapt each pose according to individual needs. She hopes to inspire in her students the same joy of self-discovery that she has found within yoga.

Read more about our open class faculty!



MCB School recommends the following class attire for open classes: 

Ballet and Broadway Jazz:
Proper dance attire and shoes should be worn; however, for first time students, fitted workout pants or longer shorts, a full-length shirt and regular socks are recommended.  Ballet slippers, jazz shoes and dance clothing can be purchased online at Discount Dance Supply or locally at Dancing Supplies Depot. Long hair should be pulled back and secured to head either with a clip or placed in a bun.

Example of Women's Dance Clothing: Leotard, tights, skirt and warm-ups.

Example of Men's Dance Clothing: Men's tights, dance belt, white T-shirt and warm-ups.

Yoga, Pilates, and Floor-Barre®:
Fitted workout clothes.  No shoes are required for Yoga or Pilates -- students may be barefoot. Floor-Barre® students should wear socks. It is recommended to bring a mat or towel to lay on, but not required.  


Classes are held at Miami City Ballet Studios (2200 Liberty Avenue, Miami Beach). Metered parking is available throughout the area.

For further information call 305.929.7000, ext. 1303 or e-mail  


Miami City Ballet School students, Photo © Bruce Hibbs